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Cara Perawatan :

1. Simpan dalam dust pouch
Simpan dalam dust pouch jika tidak sedang terpakai dan simpan dalam ruangan yg kering / tidak lembab, tapi jangan terlalu lama menyimpan dalam dust pouch, sesekali (2 minggu / 1 bulan sekali) keluarkan agar mendapatkan udara dan tidak lembab yg bisa menyebabkan jamur.

2. Treatment dengan cream khusus
Khusus produk kulit dengan material Pull up dan Vegtan bisa menggunakan Cream/Balsam/Mink oil khusus untuk perawatan produk kulit, oleskan tipis2 dan gosok halus dengan kain lembut, lalu angin-anginkan, treatment ini bisa diulang berkala 3-4 bln sekali atau saat material sudah terlihat kering, atau untuk kulit pull up jika sudah muncul garis2 / bintik2 / baret2 putih (dikarenakan lapisan wax yg muncul).

3. Membersihkan noda
Produk kulit dengan material Pull up & Vegtan >> kedua jenis kulit ini permukaannya tidak tertutup cat / natural dan memiliki keunikan dimana kedua material tsb akan berubah warna seiring waktu / disebut “patina”.

Jika terkena noda pastikan untuk segera membersihkannya. beberapa noda sulit hilang seperti :

Noda bolpoin >> gosok halus dengan kain halus yg sedikit basah lalu angin2kan, untuk noda tinta yg terlalu dalam akan tetap membekas tapi seiring penggunaan akan tersamar bekasnya saat kulit mulai patina.

Noda makanan /minyak >> lap dengan kain lembut yg sedikit basah lalu angin2kan, noda tidak akan segera menghilang butuh waktu untuk minyak menguap dari permukaan kulit.

Noda air >> produk yg sudah terpakai kerena sudah terpapar debu, saat terkena air akan berbekas, dan ini tidak bisa hilang, akan tetapi akan memudar tersamar bekasnya saat kulit mulai menggelap/ patina.

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Care and Guide:

1. Keep in a dust pouch
Keep your product in a dust pouch when you do not use it. Keep it in dry place but do not put the product in the pouch for too long. Take it out once in two weeks or a month to get fresh air and keep the moisture so that it will not be covered with mold.

2. Treatment with particular cream
For leather product made of pull up and vegetable tanned leather, you can use Cream/Balsam/Mink Oil that is especially used to treat leather product. Apply a thin layer of the cream and gently rub it with soft cloth then dry in the shade. This treatment can be done regularly every 3-4 months or when the material looked dry or for pull up leather when there are white stripes or spots or scretches (caused by wax coating)

3. Cleaning stain
Both of the leather products with pull up and vegetable tanned material are not coated with paint or they are natural. They have their unique characteristic that both of them will change color over time with usage that is called as “patina.”

When there is stain on the product, make sure that you immediately clean it. Some of stains are difficult to clean:

Ballpoint ink
Gently rub it with soft moist cloth then dry in the shade. For a deep scrath ballpoint ink, it will remain imprint but over time with usage, it will be subtle when the leather starts to change color or patina.

Food or oil stain
Wipe with soft moist cloth then dry in the shade. The stain will not directly clean. It takes time for oil to evaporate from the material.

Water stain
Product that has been used and exposed to dust, will imprint when exposed to water. This stain will not perfectly clean. Yet, it will be faded when the leather starts to change color or patina.

GABA-GABA Leather & Friends

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